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Lucario Wallpaper by AR-ameth

Why this wallpaper was eye-catching and stunning! The fine lines and the colours of Lucario almost fooled me for the official artwork! It's truly amazing!

The colours all stand out quite nicely and the placement and I like the texture like look on the fineart artwork of Lucario is really nice and certainly creative! The background also looks great, as it shows an almost starburst like look. Although, I certainly disagree with the black bar that helps stand out half of Lucario's name. It's hard to see and as the far left parts of the background is very dark coloured.

The placement of Lucario's name is certainly interesting. The outline kind of stands out of the whole image due to it being bright red, and draws the viewer's attention away from Lucario (who is meant to be the dominant subject in the viewer's perspective) The white in his name is also a bit bright, which does draw the viewer's attention away from Lucario.

Lucario's pose and facial expression is certainly interesting! Lucario is usually intimidating, and threatening as seen in the movie and thus, misleads fans to believe that Lucario is all cold and heartless. But, in this graphic, it doesn't look so intimidating, but loyal like a puppy!

Even if it has one flaw, overall, this wallpaper is truly amazing! Fans in the Pokemon fandom are in for a surprise!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
5 out of 5 deviants thought this was fair.


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